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Date Filing Grievance

April 27, 2016


     Zuri Investigations and Attorney Services has been on my case for almost a year when Mark Escamilla came to see me on March 16, 2016 to give me an update which was,


1.)  I spoke to your family members.

     (Which my son could have done on facebook.) 


2.)  I got your school records.


     He was, however, unable to secure evidence of any substance which the defense needs to prove my case of Sudden Passion. It's as if I took my car to have the engine rebuilt and the mechanic told me how he ArmorAlled the tires.


     Mark Escamilla and the "professionals" at Zuri Investigations and Attorney Services were unable to secure any vital evidence from potential witnesses critical to my defense who were employed at EZ Pawn in 2009 at the time of my arrest. They are not "hoodlums" with street names or nicknames that had to be tracked down. (If you need an Investigator for a case with such complexities, I suggest you use another firm.) Pawn Shop employees are State licensed and bonded but the "professionals" at Zuri Investigations and Attorney Services are at a loss of how to track them down.


     Their many years in the field led them to believe that the best way to do so was to stroll into the two (2) EZ Pawn Shops where these potential witnesses were employed almost seven (7) years ago with subpoena in hand and ask to speak to them and when the new managers of these corporate entities stated that they had no knowledge of the witnesses or anything that may have occurred seven (7) years ago, the "professionals" at Zuri Investigations and Attorney Services had them swear to such on a nortarized affidavit and that was that! That is the type of top notch Investigative work you can expect with Zuri Investigations and Attorney Services because the man leading the Investigation, Mark Escamilla, is the lead Investigator and the best that Zuri Investigations and Attorney Services has to offer.


     After much debate and convincing I was; however, finally able to enlighten Mr. Mark Escamilla to the fact that these corporate outlets change management frequently and that the best way to find these witnesses would be to subpoena the corporate office, namely the accounting or payroll department which would preserve such records for a minimum of seven (7) years for tax purposes. In doing so he would be able to secure SSN and TDL numbers making it easier to track them outside of work.


     We'll see if he can do better with better instruction. To assure so, I had him agree to initial said instructions and follow up with an email. (Attached are all email corresspondence between Mr. Escamilla and myself and his responses or non-responsiveness.)


     Again, Top Dollar Pawn Shop at the corner of Washington Ave. and Durham had in their employ in 2009, a man whose information was vital to my defense and again Mr. Mark Escamilla went there and was told that since 2009 the store had changed managers four (4) times and the new employees had no knowledge of the person we needed to contact and again his job there was done. (My mother could have done as much.) I also told him to contact their corporate office to subpoena records.


     It has been over a month since that meeting. Since then Mark Escamilla and the "professionals" at Zuri Investigations and Attorney Services have managed to accomplish the following,


     >  Speak to my Aunt and sister by phone. When I inquired as to the progress  

         with the Pawn Shop employees, I was told there is none as of yet. I still

         have two (2) months before trial.



I will keep you updated.  



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